Commissioned Work

See a painting you like here, but it's not your favorite car? Have some pictures of cars you have owned through the years, and would like a painting of them all together? Want a different way to present and preserve your favorite collector car? Contact me through the methods listed on the Contact Page. Let's talk about what you would like to see as a painting. Research for a work is fun, and we can come up with something unique to make this painting your own.

Below is the  working sketch for Circle The Wagons (click here to see the completed painting). This painting was a blast to work on! Robin and I tossed ideas back and forth for what to do, what the setting should be, what cars should be in the painting.... We just kept working to make the best possible birthday gift for her husband Scott. Compare this sketch to the finished work and you will see that this painting was alive and flowing right to the last. The cars all moved to the center of the composition; none of the Pontiac hood ornaments in the cloud forms made it to the final painting. This whole piece just gelled together as I worked. Thank you to everyone involved, and thank you Robin, for the opportunity! All I did was push the paint around, to make your ideas come together.

Circle The Wagons working sketch

Below is the working sketch for Mark's 442 (click here to see completed painting). Mark has several snapshots of his favorite muscle car from back in the day, but none at the best place to buy gasoline, namely where they sell Blue Sunoco. What a cool idea! Just dial in how much octane rating you want, right at the pump. After some research I found a photo of a Sunoco station from just the right angle to work with the view of the 442. However, no pumps! Found one on a restoration shop's site, combined all the images, and got to work.
Mark's 442 working sketch
Below are the working photos for Bob & Alice's Cities Service (click here to see the completed painting). Alice came to me at a drive-in car show one Saturday afternoon and said "Quick, while Bob's over there looking at that car...! Bob's birthday is coming up, and I want you to paint one of your car pictures, showing all three of his cars. Robin will bring you photos of the cars, you come up with the setting." Daughter Robin provided a photo of the Model A, a Christmas postcard of the 1958 Edsel convertible, and an internet image of the 1960 Edsel convertible, since Bob's is almost done. She also told me that her parents had owned a gas station back in the sixties. Perfect! There is the setting for the painting. Internet research gave us an advertising postcard from the fifties for the signage and gas pumps. A nice, clear image of a very neglected former Cities Service station defined the building details. Then I placed the cars into the composition, trying several locations and sizes. Notice that as placed, they are all right-hand drive. That's because all the photos were taken from the other side of the cars, compared to their final position in the painting. No problem- that is part of the fun! A painting like this takes three to four weeks to complete. Depending on the size, the cost is from $500 to $750. If you would like a painting larger than 24 x 36 inches, we will come up with an agreeable price.
Bob & Alice's working

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