Tombstone Brothel Inspector Badge
Tombstone Brothel Inspector Badge
acrylic on shaped panel with inset letterforms
24 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches
Jim Sweazy, 2013
Back when Tombstone was a boomtown in the Arizona Territory, there really was a city appointed job as a Brothel Inspector. I don't know what duties were involved, but it might be fun to try out for the job for a week, just to find out!
This is a Pop Art sized replica of an original badge. This badge, like Marshal, Sheriff and Deputy badges in most towns and cities at the time, was formed by hammering an old coin, cutting and shaping it, then using a nail or pick to tap in the needed letterforms. Makes a nice addition to Cowboy Culture displays.
This is the first version in a series. Custom sizing is available.