Trattore Del Contadino

Trattore Del Contadino
acrylic on canvas
12 x 18 inches
Jim Sweazy, 2009
Here is a Spaghetti Western close-up of a peasant's tractor, complete with the gas tax exemption plate. After WWII, Lamborghini made his first tractors from war surplus materials. Eventually Lamborghini tractors were the John Deere of Europe. Most every farm had one. By the early sixties Lamborghini was driving Ferraris.
One day he decided to drive over to Modena, to talk with Enzo. "Enzo, I love your cars! But the clutches are terrible. What can we do?" To which Enzo Ferrari replied "Get out my factory, you peasant tractor maker!" Inspired, Ferruccio Lamborghini vowed to make a better sports car than Ferrari.