Jim Sweazy

Modern Art
Inspired By The Old West

Lawless Valley

That's right, partner! I was born and raised right here in Arizona, under Western skies. Most of my childhood summers were spent out on the rez, tagging along as my Dad bossed a bridge gang for Southern Pacific. I've seen the beautiful monuments and vistas, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and the cliff dwellings. I've also seen the barren tracts of the reservation, with government houses designed for a culture completely alien to the people living in them.
My Western paintings are a comment on the mythic life here, built up from pulp novels and Hollywood movies. That myth just keeps on rolling. The good guy always has a white hat, bad guys wear black. Politicians, bankers and Indian agents only help themselves.
One cantankerous old coot knows everything that is going on, and sees trouble plain as day.
Maybe I'm that old coot?
Advertising imagery, Pulp Westerns, news photos, marketing postcards, vintage photography, movie stills, stinking badges; all these provide reference and inspiration for my work.

merican West Paintings
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Prancing Pony
"Prancing Pony"
24 x 28 inches
"Corporate Pawn(ee)"
36 x 30 inches
American, in Paris
"An American, in Paris"
36 x 30 inches
Arizona Thunderbolt
"Arizona Thunderbolt"
50 x 40 inches
Guns Of Happy Valley
"Guns Of Happy Valley"
36 x 30 inches

Helldorado Badge
"Helldorado Badge"
26 x 23 inches
Tombstone Brothel Inspector Badge
Brothel Inspector
24 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches
Sunday Drivers
"Sunday Drivers"
24 x 32 inches

Roy's Double Eagle
"Roy's Double Eagle"
39 x 35 inches
Arizona Rangers Badge (framed)
"Arizona Rangers Badge"
26 x 27 inches
Tombstone Marshal Badge
"Tombstone Marshal Badge"
23 x 21 inches
Love And Marriage Go Together Like A Horseless Carriage
"Love And Marriage
Go Together Like
A Horseless Carriage"
20 x 45 inches
Arizona Round-Up (self portrait)
"Arizona Round-Up"
self portrait
36 x 24 inches
45 x 44 inches
$900 the pair
Western Story
"Western Story"
36 x 24 inches
Bret's Hat, for Stephanie
"Bret's Hat, for Stephanie"
14 x 24 inches
Not For Sale
He Died With His Boots On
"He Died With His Boots On"
40 x 28 inches
Western Story About Gabriel's Angels
"Western Story
About Gabriel's Angels"
36 x 24 inches
Donated to
Gabriel's Angels
Tombstone Sheriff Badge
"Tombstone Sheriff Badge"
24 inch diameter
Rangeland Romances

"Rangeland Romances"
40 x 30 inches
If You Wear That In Public, I'll Arrest You.
"If You Wear That In Public,
 I'll Arrest You."
10 x 20 inches
The Gun With No Name
"The Gun With No Name"
25 x 31 inches
The Arizona Ranger (self portrait)

"The Arizona Ranger"
self portrait
36 x 24 inches

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